2024 Brings around our 60th Birthday.

Here is a bit about our last 60 years as a family business:

In 1964 Paul Snowsill decided to leave his safe job in Building Cost Accounting, to start a business that world lead to a better way of life for his young family.

The nights after his office job, involved preparing the Cast Iron Sizzle Plates in his little home in Larnook Street, Armadale Victoria. This product soon developed into Cast Iron cookware and Timber crockery from Taiwan.

With his entrepreneurial drive and flair for product selection, Paul slowly branched his product range from the kitchen to decor items, by trialing gold leaf plaster figurines from the UK. These sold well, and from his office in Toorak Road, South Yarra which he shared with his good friend the late Kevin O'Neill who was a developing name in floristry, he grew his product line to larger lighting items.

Moving to 4 River Street, South Yarra in the 1970's, allowed for the expansion into Mirrors and more decorative items. Working along side his wife Suzanne, they continued to grown their small business and taught themselves how to manufacture lampshades after securing the Lighting order for the new Hilton hotel.

With their young family of four children - Andrew, Emily, Eliza and Carl - Paul and Sue worked hard to build a successful business.

in 1983, the development of the Como Centre in Toorak Road, South Yarra allowed for Paul and Sue to move Cromwell to the building we still occupy today at 94 High Street, Prahran. This larger site which included a showroom space, larger warehouse and lampshade production facilities allowed the business to grow and incorporate a Terracotta Pot and Gardenware division on the lower ground floo

Paul and Suzanne divorced and not long after Andrew their eldest son joined the business. Working from the ground up, Andrew worked in the warehouse learning the ropes, and soon became a valuable member of the sales team on the floor. His personable character made him a natural of dealing with client's on the showroom floor, whilst also being able to go on site for installations.

1989 saw Emily join the Cromwell team on a part time basis as she studied Interior Decoration and Design, and after completing this in 1991 she came to work on a full time basis.

The early 1990's and the economic recession, made running business a lot tougher, and it was only the strength of family and the strong work ethic instilled in the Snowsill's that kept Cromwell going. Working 12 hour days and 7 Day weeks, the importance of family and working together really proved what a successful team they can be.

In 1994 Eliza started her Interior Design course and joined Cromwell on a part time basis during these University years, before moving to full time in 1997, and being joined by the youngest of Paul and Sue's children Carl in 1999.

Will a full team of 5 family members, Cromwell continued to expand and grow into the strong resource for Australian Designers that it is today. The sad passing of Paul in 2006 and Sue in 2007, has only strengthened the family bond and determination to keep Cromwell at it's best as a legacy to them. 

The extra helping hands from their two younger brothers Daniel and Joshua during their university years in recent times, has made this family business grow and flourish. They have provided the youthful energy to the family company and the experience of working in all facets of the company will give them great experience in their working lives in their various careers.

Cromwell now imports exclusive brands from all corners of the globe, which create a diverse collection of styles and products for a broad range of clientele.


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