Theodore Alexander's 2021-822, "Winter Lamp" is a part of the Essential Theodore Alexander Collection, which showcases a selection of the best of their traditional furniture - furniture that has been and will be in fashion for centuries. "Winter Lamp" is created in the style of 20th Century European designs which were not traditionally associated with specific movements in art common for the era, but employed unusual items and unique form and finish combinations. Exquisite in composition and contrast, the natural warm patina of the four fine brass tree trunks is juxtaposed to the creamy white industrialized geometric shapes of the elongated rectangular shade and marble base. The intricate details of the sinuous saplings were produced using the meticulous process of lost wax casting, with artisans spending many hours in hand carving, polishing, and finishing to obtain the fine features of this elegant table lamp.

Winter Table Lamp

A16 2021-822.Z08


660 x 305 x 800mm High


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Melbourne 2012