A Water Hydra console table is a stylish and modern furniture piece designed with the inspiration of water-like elements. It typically features a sleek and smooth design with an Oak surface that mimics the reflective qualities of the piece. The legs of a Water Hydra console table are usually made from polished Parchment Oak, resembling the fluidity and shine of water. The wood surface of console table adds to its contemporary appeal, creating an illusion of depth and transparency. It provides a perfect platform for displaying decorative items, while also visually enhancing the surrounding space. The overall aesthetic of a Water Hydra console table is clean, minimalist, and elegant, making it suitable for modern and contemporary interiors. Its unique design and water-inspired elements make it a captivating and eye-catching addition to any room.

Hydra Console Table

A10 500500-POK


1727 x 457 x 863mm High


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Melbourne 2012