New Products
New A2:5178 Gingko Wall Sconce with shade New A2:9536 Bowline Rope and bronze Chandelier New A6:8.82455 Eclipse Mirror - Gold Leaf - Small
New A2:5000-0072 Wallis Wall Sconce New I2:2960/S Moss tall spotted glass Vase - Small New I2:2961/L Moss Spotted glass tall vase - Large
New I2:2962/V Moss bowed belly spotted glass Vase New A7:7640-11R Garland Right Arm Facing Chair in 0138-15 Plain Ivory velvet New A2:4000-0045 Ariadne Console Table with Antique mirrored glass top
New A2:4000-0043 Sabine Console with black glass top New Moss spotted glass vases - available in three sizes New I2:2963/B Large Moss handblown spotted glass bowl
New I2:2688/B Aqua Glass blown bowl New I2:2755/V Aqua glass bowl vase New I2 Aqua Glass Bowl and Vase
New I2:564/L Ice White Ribbed Glass bowl - Large New I2:565/S Ice White Ribbed glass bowl - Small New I2:466/L Ice White Ribbed Glass vase - Large
New I2:567/S Ice White ribbed glass vase - Small New I2 White Glass Ribbed collection of 4 piece New I2:2497/B Pinot Glass chistled Large bowl
New I2:1235/L Olive Green Vase with clear leaf cutouts New I2:1236/S Olive Green Vase with clear leaf cutouts New I1:1237/B Olive Green Bowl with clear leaf cutouts
New I2 Olive Green leaf cutout collection New I2:2956/V Pinot chistled glass large squat Vase New I2 Indigo Doppled glass vase collection
New I2:2695/L Indigo glass doppled vase - Large New I2:2693/S Indigo glass doppled vase - Small New I2:2921/LPale pink handblown glass vase
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