Mirrors - Gold & Silver Leaf
A10:492697-GIL Oval Walnut Panelled Mirror in Antique Gold Leaf Finish A10:493060 Empire Style Gilded Mirror A10:493104 Large Circular Gilded Mirror
A10:494468-GIL Small Gold leaf Sunburst mirror A10:494469 Gold leaf Sunburst Mirror - Large A10:494614 Large Silver Sunburst Mirror
A10:495004-G Gilded floor standing rectangular sunburst mirror A10:495142-GIL Large Gilded Twisted Mirror A11:2510 Round Swirl Gold Gilt Mirror
C7:1455-150 Manor Mirror A6:4.20025 Fincastle Mirror A6:EB0242 Soliel Mirror - Gold Leaf
A1:84012 Celeste Mirror in Antique Silver Leaf C5 7-046-01-GD Round Gold Leaf Mirror C7:1429-955 Key Largo Round Mirror (Gold)
P7 1167MF/G Katrine Old World Gold leaf finish P7 1167MF/SLV Katrine Silver leaf carved framed mirror P7 J12-23MF Eddy Gold leaf mirror frame with swirl carving
P7 J-28MF(B) Round Silver leaf Swirl Mirror A10:494468-SIL Small Silver Sunburst Mirror A1:84057 Hadden Mirror with Antique Bass Silver Leaf and Antique Mirror
A10:494372 Finely carved & gilded rococo style mirror A11:1768 Rectangular Mirror Accented by Gold Floral Decor & Bevelled Mirror A10:494533 Classical "winged" wall mirror
A10:495004-S Silvered Floor Standing Rectangular Sunburst Mirror A11:9884-28 Antique Gold Finished Mirror with Carved Circilo Accents A11:2050 Baroque Mirror with Mirrored Borders Finished in Antique Gold Metal Leaf
A10:495076-45-SIL 45" Silver leaf Gilded Twisted Mirror New A10:494462-SIL Contemporary circular recessed mirror New A10:494462-GIL Contemporary circular recessed mirror
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