Lampbases - Timber
A10:494988-STL Disc Table Lamp with Steel and Faux Macassar Finish A10:494988-ZEB Disc Table lamp with Brass and Zebrano Finish with matching rectangular shade A10:494989-MAS Metropol Timber Macassar lamp with oval shade
A10:494989-SAN "Porthole" Table Lamp with Rosewood and Brass Finish A10:495118 Handcarved Wing gold gilt Lamp with matching cream box pleated shade A2 6121 Renaissance Table lamp
A2:6341 Ellesmere Table Lamp & Shade A2 6846 Villars Console Lamp with matching Linen Shade P6 1327/G Gold Gilt Vincenza column lamp
P6 1327/S Silver Leaf Vincenza column lamp P6 3042G Gold Candlestick Lampbase P6 3042S Silver Candlestick Lampbase
A10:494430 Walnut Candlestick Lamp with matching metal spun shade    
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